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Dental Emergencies

If you experience pain around a tooth, gum pain, or pain in your jaw that you just can't stand, it's time to call our local dental office for an emergency dental appointment. Whether you crack a tooth on the weekend, chip a tooth and have an exposed root late at night, you have worsening gum disease causing severe pain, or for any other reason you feel is a dental emergency, don't wait. Give our office a call and we'll take care of your emergency as soon as possible.

If your child is involved with sports on the weekend and loses a tooth or has any type of dental emergency, never hesitate to call our dental office for an emergency dental appointment. Be sure to tell our staff if you have had a tooth knocked out so we can give you instructions on what to do to get that tooth safely to our office. Whether you've been in a vehicle accident and need immediate attention or you have a root that has suddenly become infected and painful, we will be happy to make an emergency appointment for you.