Month: June 2019

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Gingivitis in Covina

When you say you have healthy teeth, it should also mean that you have healthy gums. The healthier your teeth and gums, the less dental treatments you’ll need, and that means you’ll probably end up spending less for dental care. That’s a good thing. But as you probably realize, as you age, you may tend …

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Dental Braces in Covina

Whether you have an over bite or an under bite, chances are you’re looking for the best way to straighten your teeth. Years ago, when only metal braces were available, it was a real fight to get your teen to agree to wear all that metal in their mouth for two years or longer. At …

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Covina Pediatric Dentist

If your children are afraid to go to the dentist, it may be time to find a new dentist. Dr. Ismail Elsherif is a dentist that loves kids, and you’ll probably find that your kids will love him too. You see, Dr. Elsherif is a dental professional with years of experience with not only adults, …

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Relaxation Dentistry in Covina

The number of people who are afraid of the dentist is in the millions. Does that surprise you? Most people don’t realize just how many people they know haven’t been to a dentist in years, but statistics don’t lie. You see, some people who had a terrible experience at the dentist when they were young …

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Cosmetic Dentist in Covina

It’s surprising how many people have yellowed teeth these days. Because more people drink coffee, tea, red wine and fruit juices that leave stains, it’s likely that you don’t enjoy looking at your teeth in the mirror when you smile. At the same time, you may have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, or …

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