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It’s surprising how many people have yellowed teeth these days. Because more people drink coffee, tea, red wine and fruit juices that leave stains, it’s likely that you don’t enjoy looking at your teeth in the mirror when you smile. At the same time, you may have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, or even cracks or chips that make you unhappy with your smile. If this sounds like you, it’s time to see our cosmetic dentist in Covina, Dr. Ismail Elsherif at Cypress Dental.

When you make an appointment at our Covina dental office, our cosmetic dentist in Covina, Dr. Elsherif, will be happy to check your teeth and gums and let you know exactly what can be done to give you a brighter, straighter, more perfect bite and smile. If your teeth are yellowed or stained, a cosmetic dentistry treatment like a teeth whitening may do the trick. Depending on how bad your teeth are, if a teeth whitening treatment doesn’t get them white enough for you, Dr. Elsherif may talk to you about covering your stained teeth with dental veneers. When you do that you can choose the shade of what that is used to brighten your smile. Once you have brighter teeth, you’ll be much happier to smile every chance you get.

Chipped or cracked teeth are another cosmetic dental procedure that can be done by Dr. Elsherif, our cosmetic dentist in Covina. Whether he uses dental bonding material or porcelain veneers, covering cracks and filling in chips can be done so well that nobody ever knows you had any issues. And by the way, if you have a gap between your front teeth and you’re not happy with it, no problem. Make an appointment to see Dr. Elsherif by calling our local dental office at (626) 331-8041 and he’ll take care of that gap for you in one visit. Give us a call today and make an appointment to improve your smile.

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