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Have you had all kinds of dental problems your whole life? Are you prone to cavities and gum disease and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get a handle on your oral health? You may be one of those people who comes from a family that has a history of bad teeth. If you grew up with bad dental habits, that may be a contributing factor too. So if you’re tired of spending hours in the dental chair, you’ll probably be happy to talk to Dr. Elsherif at Cypress Dental about Covina complete dentures.

You see, Covina complete dentures done by our general dentist in Covina may solve a lot of issues and will definitely limit the time you’ll need to spend in the dental chair in the future. If you’ve been told you need dental implants or you have a lot of missing teeth and dental crowns were something you had to look forward to, then talking to Dr. Elsherif is something you need to do before another dentist performs a lot of procedures that may or may not help you have a stress free dental future.

If your family history includes several people who wore dentures, there may be a definite reason why. That reason may be weak jawbones or a tendency toward excess bacteria. Add to that poor dental habits at home and you could be looking at the fact that dentures are your best alternative. Now if having all your teeth pulled sounds like a bad idea to you, think of the alternatives. Those could include constant dental appointments for inflamed gums or toothaches that just don’t quit. If the thought of years of sitting in a dental chair sound worse than one or two appointments to pull all your and fit you for dentures, then call Dr. Elsherif today. He can fit you for Covina complete dentures and stop the merry-go-round of constant dental problems you’ve been on. You can reach Dr. Elsherif at 626-331-8041, your local Cypress Dental office.

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