Covina Gum Disease

If you’re like everyone else, you probably know that you need to brush your teeth and floss every day. Everybody knows it, but a lot of people simply don’t remember or don’t care to do it. No matter what the reason, when you stop brushing and flossing, bacteria builds up on your teeth and gums. If that bacteria isn’t removed on a regular basis, it will begin to grow and harden and turn into dental plaque that can only be removed when you come to see a dentist, like Dr. Ismail Elsherif at Cypress Dental in Covina. If you find that your gums are red and swollen and sore, chances are you may have the start of Covina gum disease.

Most of the time, when gum disease begins, you can help reverse it quickly by simply remembering to brush every day, and on a regular basis from that point on. The beginning of gum disease is generally what is called gingivitis, which usually affects only your teeth and gums. By regular brushing and flossing and using an antiseptic mouthwash, you can generally reverse Covina gum disease and bring your teeth and gums back to health.

However, if you continue your routine of not brushing and flossing, gingivitis can quickly turn into a more serious gum disease called periodontal disease. When that happens it means that the bacteria that should have been removed from your teeth and gums has penetrated the deeper areas of your gums and has hit the bone in your jaw. If the bacteria and infection is not removed at that point, your teeth can actually loosen as bone loss begins.

In order to prevent Covina gum disease from beginning, be sure you brush and floss every day. And be sure you make regular dental appointments with Dr. Elsherif at Cypress Dental for Covina comprehensive dentistry, so he can watch your teeth and gums to help keep you in good dental health. You can reach Dr. Elsherif at 626-331-8041.

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