If you’re a new parent, there are some tips you may not know about that can help you make sure your baby has the best possible chance at healthy teeth and gums. Way before it’s time for his first Covina pediatric dental exam, it’s a wise move to wipe off your baby’s gums after he has a bottle to get all the bacteria from the sugar in the milk out of your baby’s mouth. The same goes for babies who are being breastfed. Mother’s milk has a lot of sugar in it as well, so making sure you wipe your baby’s gums after breastfeeding is just as important to his future dental health.

When your baby wakes up screaming because he’s teething, it’s time to bring him to Cypress Dental for his first Covina pediatric dental exam. If you’re like a lot of new parents, you may not realize that you should bring your child in for his first dental checkup as soon as his teeth begin to erupt through his gums. But that is actually the proper time to start your child’s dental care. Some parents actually bring young children with them when they get adult dental checkups just to get them used to being in the dental office. Feeling comfortable in the dental office when they’re very young can help them feel more comfortable when it’s time for them to have their own dental appointments.

If your child has several teeth already and you haven’t made an appointment for a Covina pediatric dental exam yet, give our Cypress Dental office a call today at 262-331-8041 and let’s get him set up for his first dental visit. You’ll find that Dr. Ismail Elsherif and his staff are friendly and calming to patients both young and old. Both you and your child will have a wonderful dental experience when you visit our Covina dental office.


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