Covina Root Canal

Whether you live in Covina or you’re just visiting, it’s never fun when you have a toothache. Pain in your mouth can ruin all kinds of things for you, including visiting one of our local restaurants. Trying to chew a great steak or eat an ice cream sundae when you have pain in your mouth is something you won’t want to do. And when that pain is coming from the infected root of a tooth, you probably fear you’ll need a tooth extraction or a Covina root canal.

If, in fact, you do need a Covina root canal, don’t worry about all those stories you’ve heard about how painful a root canal is. Those stories are probably from people who had severe tooth infections years ago when root canal treatments where not nearly as good as they are now. You see, when you visit our Cypress Dental office in Covina, you’ll find that our dentist, Dr. Elsherif, uses only the latest techniques, including dental sedation, and the most up-to-date equipment to take care of infected or abscessed teeth. Infected or abscessed teeth are much more painful than the process of removing the infection. So if fear is holding you back from getting treatment, why not talk to the dental expert at Cypress Dental and let us ease your mind for you?

If you’re worried about the pain in your mouth and you’re afraid you might need a tooth extracted, don’t just sit there and worry. Call Dr. Elsherif’s local dental office at 626-331-8041 and make an appointment to see our experienced dental professional. Chances are if your tooth pain is coming from an infected root, Dr. Elsherif may be able to treat you with a Covina root canal and not need to pull that tooth. But you won’t know until you call for an appointment for a dental checkup. So call us today.

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