Covina Sleep Apnea Dental Devices

Do you sleep with someone who continually stops breathing throughout the night? Do they snore so loudly that it keeps you awake? And do you lie there on pins and needles every time they stop breathing and wait for them to breathe again? That certainly makes for a restless night of sleeping for you, not to mention the restless sleep the snorer is getting. You may not realize it, but if you come to see our Covina family dentistry specialist, Dr. Ismail Elsherif at Cypress Dental, he can help both of you by showing you options for Covina sleep apnea dental devices.

Now you’re probably wondering why you would go to a dentist for Covina sleep apnea dental devices and not to a doctor for a CPAP machine. Well, Dr. Elsherif recommends that you come to see him first because the possibility of using a dental mouth guard for sleep apnea may save you all the hassle of carrying a CPAP machine with you when you’re away from home. At the same time, anyone who has seen one of the CPAP machines, even the newest, smaller versions, knows that they’re not pretty to wear while you sleep. So if a dental mouth guard can help solve the snoring and breathing problem, isn’t it worth a try first?

You see, sleep apnea can happen when you sleep on your back and your tongue slips back and blocks your airway. When that happens, snoring begins, and when the tongue completely covers the airway, you actually stop breathing for a few seconds. Once that happens, your brain triggers you to wake up just long enough for the tongue to move and you to start breathing again. When you see Dr. Elsherif to check out Covina sleep apnea devices, you may find your problem can be solved with something as simple as a custom-made dental mouth guard. So give Cypress Dental a call at (626) 331-8041 and let us help you get a better night’s sleep very soon.

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