FastBraces for Your Covina Family

Are you unhappy with your teeth when you look in the mirror? Are your teeth crooked, out of position, or so crowded that they overlap each other? There are many issues with teeth that can cause them to look less than straight. You may have an over bite or an under bite that can make it difficult to chew. Whatever the situation that’s causing you to not love your smile, you can visit our Covina family dentistry professional, Dr. Ismail Elsherif, can help with FastBraces for your Covina family.

Dr. Elsherif has a DDS, BDS, MSC, PHD, and is an assistant professor at Loma Linda University. At the same time, you will find the staff at our Covina dental office to be not only friendly, but exceptionally talented. You see, our staff is experienced in not only English and Spanish, but Arabic. So if you want to feel comfortable in the dental chair with someone who speaks your language, you’ll find Cypress Dental in Covina the place you’ll want to visit for all your dental needs, including FastBraces for your Covina family.

People who are in a hurry to get their teeth straightened should call Dr. Elsherif and talk about the advancements in braces that FastBraces can bring them. By moving the root of the tooth immediately, rather than throughout the entire process, FastBraces allow wearers to see results in much less time than conventional braces. Rather than taking 2 years or more to reposition teeth, FastBraces can reposition them in weeks or months, and with less pain than traditional wire braces. FastBraces have been used by dental professional for more than 20 years, so you can be sure they are something you should look into for yourself or your children. We suggest you call Cypress Dental and make an appointment to talk to Dr. Elsherif about wearing FastBraces for your Covina family. You can reach the Cypress Dental office at 626-331-8041 during regular business hours.

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