Gingivitis in Covina

When you say you have healthy teeth, it should also mean that you have healthy gums. The healthier your teeth and gums, the less dental treatments you’ll need, and that means you’ll probably end up spending less for dental care. That’s a good thing. But as you probably realize, as you age, you may tend to forget about oral hygiene and not remember to brush and floss every day. If that happens, bacteria will begin to grow and form plaque on your teeth. If you don’t remove the excess plaque on a daily basis, it can harden and turn into tartar that irritates your gums and that can lead to gingivitis in Covina. Regular dental checkups with Dr. Ismail Elsherif at Cypress Dental can help prevent dental problems in the first place.

gingivitis in Covina is a condition where your gums get red and swell and become infected. When that happens, brushing, and especially flossing, can give you all kinds of pain. If you allow the gum disease to progress, you can end up with gums that are so infected that they begin to pull away from your teeth. As the gum disease or gingivitis turns into more serious periodontal disease, your teeth can even loosen to the point where they fall out.

The good news about gingivitis in Covina is that it is one hundred percent preventable. When you catch it early, you can reverse gingivitis by simply brushing and flossing to remove the excess bacteria that accumulates on your teeth every day. And when you come in for regular dental checkups with Dr. Elsherif at Cypress Dental, he will keep an eye on your teeth and your gums and make sure that they are as healthy as could be. So give us a call at Dr. Elsherif’s local dental office at (626) 331-8041 and make an appointment for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning. You’ll be glad you did.

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