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Everybody knows that good dental health in Covina starts at home. When your children are young you teach them to brush and floss every day. You feed your family a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables that are good for your body, as well as your dental health. Many people don’t realize that what goes on in your mouth, especially the accumulation of excess bacteria, can travel throughout your entire body and cause problems as far away as your heart and your brain. A big part of your overall health, as well as your dental health, should include regular dental checkups every six months at the office of Dr. Ismail Elsherif at Cypress Dental.

Whatever you or your family members need from a dentist, Dr. Elsherif can handle it for you. Whether it’s a regular dental checkup, a rotten tooth extraction, a dental crown put on a chipped tooth, or a dental mouth guard to help with sleep apnea, you can depend on Dr. Elsherif at Cypress Dental to take care of your good dental health in Covina for you. If you want to avoid serious dental problems, seeing Dr. Elsherif at the first sign of a problem is the best way to do that.

Good dental health in Covina should include, not only regular checkups, but professional dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings and even teeth whitening treatments. Professional teeth cleanings by our experienced dental hygienist will remove excess bacteria before it can turn into plaque or tartar that needs to be removed with special instruments in our dental office. But if you have a teeth cleaning and you’re still not happy with the look of your smile, you can make an appointment for a teeth whitening treatment that can be done in just a short time in our dental office. So when you’re ready to get the best possible dental care for you and your family call the office of Dr. Elsherif at Cypress Dental at 626-331-8041 to make an appointment.

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