Metal and Invisible Braces in Covina

You hear a lot of talk these days about invisible braces. Imagine being able to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you’re doing it. Wearing braces that others can’t see would certainly make the process more enjoyable. Invisible braces are certainly a wonderful invention, and here at Cypress Dental, our dentist in Covina is very happy to be able to offer them. However, we do offer metal and invisible braces in Covina because there are actually some people who simply will not get the desired results with invisible braces. And that means metal braces are the better fit for their situation.

You see, the question of whether to get metal and invisible braces in Covina is not just a matter of taste that can be left up to the dental patient. And that’s especially true if the patient happens to be a young child or teen. There are certain people who can wear invisible braces and others who simply can’t wear them because they won’t do any good. Let me explain.

Some people have mildly crooked teeth that are easily straightened with clear plastic aligners, like the Invisalign clear plastic aligners. But other people, like many teens, have severely overlapping teeth or other dental issues that would take more straightening power than invisible braces have. Those people would not necessarily have a choice in the type of braces they get because only the metal braces would do the job properly. Keep in mind that the time it takes to straighten teeth with metal braces may be either longer or shorter, depending on the problem or problems that are being corrected. Just because you have metal braces doesn’t mean that your problem will necessarily be solved faster. But you can be sure it will be solved properly.

So if you’re wondering whether metal and invisible braces in Covina are right for you, call Covina dental at 626-331-8041 and make an appointment to see Dr. Ismail Elsherif. He’ll be happy to explain which braces are right for you.

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