The older you get, the less you need to go to the dentist. Boy, is that statement wrong! And if that’s what you’ve been thinking as you age, you need to consider the fact that the older you get, the more you need a Pomona seniors dentist. Even though you may not be getting as many cavities as you did when you were younger, there are many new dental issues you need to watch out for to be sure they don’t cause health problems throughout your entire body.

For example, as you get older you need to be aware of your dental habits. Brushing and flossing every day is just as important as you age as it was when you were young. If you don’t brush and floss every day, you take the chance that bacteria will remain on your teeth and gums and you may end up with periodontal issues that start with gingivitis. If you happen to realize that you’re not brushing as often as you should and that your gums are irritated or swollen with the start of gingivitis, just be sure to return to regular brushing and flossing every day and chances are you’ll be able to reverse your gingivitis quickly. Making sure you regularly visit our Pomona seniors dentist and take care of your teeth at home will help you have good dental health.

If you’re in need of a Pomona seniors dentist because you have pain in a tooth and need a root canal, or you need a dental crown replaced or dental veneers or bonding, call the office of Cypress Dental at 626-331-8041 and make an appointment today. We can take care of all your senior dental needs, including tooth extractions, adult braces, dentures or cosmetic dentistry in Covina for you. Call Cypress Dental today to make sure you have the best oral health possible throughout your entire life.


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