Dental Diseases

Tooth Decay

Dental cavities, also known as caries, have been one of the most active health problems for centuries. Not generally thought of as a disease, tooth decay has evolved from a problem of epidemic proportions, to a disease with manageable solutions that include not only better food choices, but advanced technology as well. With good eating habits and regular dental checkups, tooth decay can be managed very well by our patients.

Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Gum disease comes in many forms, and most can be prevented with good oral hygiene practices on a daily basis. Gingivitis, which is the mildest form of gum disease, can be reversed by simply using a slightly more aggressive plan of brushing and flossing every day.

Chronic periodontal disease is a little more common in people over the age of 45 and consists of inflammation just below the gum line. When not treated, this type of gum disease can cause receding gum lines and even bone issues.

If you have a periodontal disease, it may be related to a systemic condition that is already affecting your body. If you have a condition like diabetes, heart disease or a respiratory ailment, that condition may make the periodontal disease progress faster.

People who suffer from malnutrition, HIV, chronic stress, or immunosuppression, or people who smoke may even end up with dead tissue due to the effects of those diseases on their periodontal ligaments or gingival tissues.

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